ThanksAI Perfect Mineral AI 4 bottles @ 100ml

The Organic Fulvic Acid Minerals with a rich blend of Minerals and Fulvic Acid in the Ancient Plant Sediment Layer

This product contains the king of plant minerals “minerals from ancient plant sediment layer” with adding in a rare ingredient “fulvic acid from ancient plant sediment layer”.

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Product Name Perfect Mineral AI
Ingredients Water, Organic Fulvic Acid (Mineral) Extract, Organic Fulvic Acid Extract
Content 100 ml x 4 bottles

  • After opening, keep it in a refrigerator to preserve the quality of product. Use up as soon as possible for maximum effectiveness of product.
  • Make sure the packaging is properly sealed when not in use, and store away from direct sunlight, high temperatures and high humidity.
  • If you are taking any medication or undergoing treatment, pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your physician before using this product.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Please stop using it if you have any physical discomfort or feel uncomfortable.
  • The colour and taste may vary slightly due to the variations of natural ingredients used. However, this will not affect the quality of the ingredients, it is safe to be used.

Ancient Plant Sediment Layer’s Minerals

Originated in Utah, USA. The ancient plant deposits from about 100 million years ago were buried under the ground. The plant absorbs the minerals from earth and quietly deposited in the sediment layer. After a long period of time, with the movement of strata and the decomposition of microorganisms in the soil, it becomes the water molecules containing the trace minerals from earth and is easily absorbed by the human body. It is different from the minerals that widely consumed, we call it as ‘plant minerals’.

● Originated in Utah, USA; extracted from the plant sediment layer, with excellent safety.
● Contains a variety of trace minerals. Tiny molecules, and higher absorption rate.