Gold Cross Dissecting Set

Each Box Contain:
No.3 Scalpel Handle with Scalpel Blade
No.4 Scalpel Handle with scalpel Blade
Forceps, blunt point, stainless steel, 135mm length.
Forceps, sharp point, stainless steel, 105mm length.
Scissors, close shank, straight fine point, stainless steel, 108mm length.
Scissors, close shank, blunt end, stainless steel, 130mm length.
Sectioning razor, right-handed, flat ground / Hollow groud sides.
Magnifier with handle.
Flapper, length 120mm.
Blow pipe, length 115mm.
Dissecting pin pointed stainless steel, length 125mm.
Dissecting pin arrow shape stainless steel, length 125mm.
Seeker, bent, blunt-end, length 125mm.
Hooks, length 30mm.